Based in the heart of the Chesapeake, Barren Island produces the tastiest, juiciest, most succulent oyster on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Barren Island Oysters are raised with care in the open-waters of the Bay using the most advanced, sustainable aquaculture techniques. An ideal combination of nutrients, water flow, oxygen, and salinity produces Maryland’s best oyster.

    Flavor Profile

  • A three inch East Coast classic, our oyster meats are plump and super buttery with a medium brininess to complement a sweet finish.

  • Delicately smooth flavor with large, fluffy white meat in a clean, uniform shell.

  • Triploid oysters are available year round and have a consistent flavor profile.

  • Open Water Location & Sustainability

  • Our open waters are bordered by the width of the Chesapeake to the west and the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge to the east, buffering our oysters from urban and agricultural run-off.

  • Off-bottom cages increase flow of water, protect the bottom of the Bay, and create shelter for small fish.

  • Size & Shape

  • By regularly chipping the edges of our oysters, we force the shell to grow a deeper cup, creating a plumper, meatier oyster.

  • In addition to chipping, cleaning and hand sorting our oysters allows for a more consistently-shaped and uniformly-sized shell.

  • Minerals & Salinity

  • Raised in water with a unique blend of minerals, including: zinc, iron, iodine, magnesium & calcium, giving them a delicate flavor.

  • Our oysters are of medium-high salinity and raised in waters with 17 ppt salt content.

  • Salinity Scale

    Low: < 12 ppt
    Medium: 13 - 20 ppt ← Barren Island Oysters: 17 ppt
    High: > 21 ppt

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