• 2-1/2 hours from DC and Baltimore, our operations are based on Hoopers Island, MD and our oysters are grown just off Barren Island.

  • Our open waters are bordered by the width of the Chesapeake to the west and the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge to the east, buffering our oysters from urban and agricultural run-off. Established in 1933, the Blackwater NWR is a pristine marsh and home to over 250,000 species of migratory birds, including one of our nation's most treasured species, the bald eagle. It's a gorgeous drive through the refuge on the way to our farm and quite often we've spotted bald eagles soaring overhead.To learn more about Blackwater NWR, please visit their website.

  • The Chesapeake, once known as the Napa Valley of oysters, provides a vast, protected basin of medium salinity water -- the perfect environment for oyster breeding. Once harvested to the tune of 25-40 million pounds per year in Maryland and Virginia, wild oysters have been depleted to the point where annual crops peak at 250,000 pounds. Our goal is to bring delicious, sustainably-raised Chesapeake oysters to market while providing relief to wild oyster populations.

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