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    We’ve teamed up with the best fabricator in the area to design a line of custom aquaculture equipment. Every piece we design is constructed with ease of use and maximum efficiency in mind. Our equipment is tough enough to keep up with the demands of the growers who use it every day, and smart enough to make their job a little easier. We love talking to people who are interested in starting up a farm. Come visit us on the island and we’ll share all the mistakes we made in the beginning so you don’t have to make the same ones yourself.

    Please contact tim@barrenislandoysters.com for more info.

    Custom Equipment Available:

  • Deep V land based upwellers

  • Floating upwellers

  • 1/2 inch off bottom cages

  • 3/4 inch off bottom cages

  • 1/2 inch floating water column cages

  • 3/4 inch floating water column cages

  • Cages designed for small, single-person oyster projects

  • Seed and used equipment available:

  • Triploid seed

  • Floating upwellers

  • 1 inch off bottom cages

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